A familiar place, a loving place, a comfortable place
(Webster's Dictionary).


Elfers & Elfers Inc. is a family owned and operated General Contracting Firm that specializes in home building as Webster defined it.

Elfers & Elfers Inc. was licensed in 1970 as a general contractor but an interest in construction started long before. In 1942 William Elfers, the President of ELFERS & ELFERS INC., was eight years old and living on a farm. The farm hired one (1) carpenter who worked all summer hand cutting timber and drilling holes with a hand saw, brace and bit. William Elfers watched constantly and even helped tag each piece with a number.

That fall all the nearby farmers put up this huge barn in two days. When they put the pegs in the holes, everything fit. William thought that made the carpenter was the smartest man in the world.

From that point on a burning desire to duplicate that feat was instilled in William. He worked construction during summer vacation from high school. When he was discharged from the army in 1955, he went right into construction school and various other trade schools, becoming a journeyman in several trades. He then attended Aaron's School of Construction for two years to obtain his construction license.

The four ELFERS son's all picked up the same desire, and under their fathers schooling, along with 12 years apprenticeship, learned not only concrete and carpentry, but also how to build buildings.

We claim to be from the "OLD SCHOOL" and desire to build it "THE RIGHT WAY." We enjoy our competency and continue to try to do our best.

ELFERS & ELFERS INC. personnel has experience in high rise work (shell contractors), shopping centers, banks, schools, communications buildings, chemical building, and hundreds and hundreds of HOMES.

We work directly with our customers, from finding available lots to arranging the financing. With the present day computer programs, we can instantly adjust and draw plans to meet your complete satisfaction.

ELFERS & ELFERS INC. is a VA & FHA approved builder and is one of the very few that are qualified to give the customer a ten year warranty on their home. We are also a member of the Sebring Chamber of Commerce.

Come and meet with "US" ELFERS & ELFERS INC. where you will find a relaxed family atmosphere, prices on homes that will ensure dollar value and appraisals that normally exceed the sale price.

So whether you are looking for a beginner home, a custom home or a retirement home, ELFERS & ELFERS INC. can help you. Call us at 863-471-6688 or e-mail us at mailto:elfers@verizon.net .

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